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MARCH 19, 2023
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Are you tired of cluttered, slow, and overwhelming Android interfaces? Do you want a more intuitive, minimalist, and customizable launcher that helps you access your apps and information faster and easier? If so, you might want to try Niagara Launcher Pro, a sleek and innovative launcher that simplifies your Android experience without sacrificing functionality or style.

What is Niagara Launcher Pro?

Niagara Launcher Pro is a premium version of Niagara Launcher, a free and open-source Android launcher developed by Peter Huber. The launcher aims to enhance your productivity, focus, and aesthetics by providing a simple and elegant interface that adapts to your usage patterns and preferences. Niagara Launcher Pro builds on the core features of Niagara Launcher and adds more advanced options and settings, such as:

  • Customizable app drawer categories and favorites
  • Smart suggestions and shortcuts based on your usage history and context
  • Widgets and shortcuts for your favorite apps and contacts
  • Custom app icons and labels
  • Multiple themes and icon packs
  • Gestures and shortcuts for quick actions and navigation
  • Hidden apps and privacy options
  • Backup and restore options
  • Why Choose Niagara Launcher Pro?
  • Niagara Launcher Pro offers several benefits over other Android launchers, including:

Streamlined Design

Niagara Launcher Pro prioritizes simplicity, clarity, and elegance in its design, using a unique vertical scrolling and alphabetical layout that minimizes distractions and maximizes readability. The launcher also uses adaptive icons and minimalistic animations that give a cohesive and modern look to your home screen and app drawer.

Personalized Experience

Niagara Launcher Pro adapts to your usage habits and preferences, learning which apps you use the most and which categories you prefer, and suggesting them in the app drawer and home screen. The launcher also lets you customize the app icons, labels, and themes to match your style and mood, and supports multiple languages and locales.

Efficient and Fast

Niagara Launcher Pro aims to save you time and effort by reducing the number of taps and swipes required to access your apps and information. The launcher uses a smart search bar that allows you to find your apps, contacts, and settings quickly and easily, and also provides smart suggestions and shortcuts based on your context and history. The launcher also uses less memory and battery than many other launchers, making it ideal for older or less powerful devices.

Secure and Reliable

Niagara Launcher Pro respects your privacy and security by providing options to hide your apps, notifications, and search history, and by using a transparent and minimalistic approach to permissions and data access. The launcher also receives regular updates and bug fixes, and has a responsive and helpful community of users and developers who provide feedback and support.

Niagara Launcher Pro is a premium Android launcher that offers a simple, personalized, and efficient experience for users who value productivity, aesthetics, and privacy. The launcher provides many advanced features and settings that can help you streamline your workflow, access your apps and information faster, and customize your device

What's new

Going Global We’re making Niagara Pro accessible to everyone. Learn more on our blog: Our latest update also improves the overall stability and performance.  


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