Never Install GB Whatsapp – Safe Your Privacy ?

Nowadays we use different messaging software for all work. The most popular software for messaging is Whatsapp. It is a perfect messaging app.WhatsApp itself has certain limitations when it comes to functionality. With Some restrictions people like Whatsapp so much.

Whatsapp is popular messaging software, many app modifiers use app development tools to modify app functionality and unlock additional features for paid apps. Some popular modified WhatsApp apps like gb whatsapp, whatsapp plus, yo whatsapp, FM whatsapp have great features that will definitely fascinate you.

What Is GB Whatsapp

For Being Popular messaging app Whatsapp third party developer who wanted to add some features to WhatsApp.They add some features that not connected With Official Whatsapp.

Why People Are Use GB Whatsapp?

People are using GB whatsapp for extra features,Thats features are not available official WhatsApp app.Sometimes we are want to logging multiple accounts, this facility are available in GB WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, features like messaging, chat, and video calling are all available in it along with many more. You can also customize this app according to you. In addition, features like auto-reply, DND, channel messages, download status, and extended topics have also been provided

It offers several security settings including; online (status), double click, bluetick, write status and type status Loading status: this is my favorite feature. GB WhatsApp allows you to download images and videos from status with one click.

Auto reply: With this feature, you can send reply to any of your contact if you are busy and not available.

Maximum images: GB WhatsApp allows you to send 90 images or more at a time and videos up to 50MB in size DND: DND will help users to turn off internet data connection for GB WhatsApp. So you can use other apps without any disturbance. Anti-revocation messages: This feature will allow you to save deleted messages from chats. Message filtering: GB WhatsApp allows users to delete chats and also filter messages.

Broadcast text message: With this feature you can send text message to 600 people at once Live Location Sharing: You can send Live Location to anyone you want Customize the font : You can easily change the cat font.

Unique Effects: The application provides exclusive and amazing effects when uploading videos and images. Message History: This feature will allow you to check the history, such as recovered messages of your contacts. Recall multiple messages: With this feature, you can recall multiple messages at once. Image quality: User can share high quality images .

Login history: User contact log history is available Notifications: GB WhatsApp also sends a notification when someone changes the display image . Pop-up notifications: Another cool feature is that users can hide pop-up notifications from the home screen.Seeing these features, users feel that this application is better than WhatsApp, but it is not. GB WhatsApp is quite dangerous.

WhatsApp allow using GB WhatsApp?

WhatsApp does not allow users to use GB WhatsApp due to potential security risks. WhatsApp began to temporarily ban accounts using GB WhatsApp in 2019. It issued a warning to users, saying that anyone using such an “unsupported version of WhatsApp” would face a temporary ban on the original app.WhatsApp also points out that these unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate their terms of service. It says it doesn’t support these third-party apps because it can’t “validate their security practices”.

GB WhatsApp better than WhatsApp?

One Questions comes in mind GB Whatsapp better than official WhatsApp.Thought you can get more features but official Whatsapp is much better than GB Whatsapp.Because GB Whatsapp has a chance hacked your personal data.While GB WhatsApp comes with more cool features that WhatsApp does not,In terms of security and privacy, WhatsApp is more reliable than GB WhatsApp because it is owned by Facebook.

Privacy Policy Of GB Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp has no privacy policy. Anytime you account and date could be hacked.Since GB WhatsApp and other modified WhatsApp versions are unofficial and illegal, your account may be banned temporarily or permanently. There is a possibility of data leakage as it works on unknown servers so if you are worried about your data then you should not use these apps.

Who don’t care about security and want to enjoy many features, GB WhatsApp is the better choice. Obviously GB WhatsApp does not provide security, but if you get the application from trusted links, you can reduce the risk of being compromised. If you are one of those people who put privacy and security above all else, use the original WhatsApp. The choice is entirely yours.

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