How To Install Game With OBB File

Types of version GAME & OBB file setup process change. Many games require obb (data file). How to set up apk+obb file?.In this post we are talking about set up obb files on android 11-13 versions without any problem.

What Is OBB

Android app developers store their app’s information, images and graphics in Apk files, but sometimes that’s not enough for large and bulky apps. So you can use this OBB file to store the rest of your app’s data.OBB files, data is stored in encrypted form and consists mainly of graphic files and multimedia files. OBB files are basically file extensions like Apk, Rar, Exe, etc. Now, to make the concept of OBB file clearer, let’s see how to install it on Android device.

Install Game With OBB File

  • Download Zarchiver.
  • Then download the desired GAME and also the OBB or data file (don’t open it, download it to your phone storage or SD card, but SD card is preferred).The file always download as zip or rar file. Set by step follow these rules.
  • Download Zarchiver From Play Store.If you download zip file unzip file using zarchiver. Install APK on your device.Careful don’t open game/app.
  • Make sure the obb folder name is “com.’package_name'”. In most cases, the obb names correctly.If your obb file download with incorrect just check apk package name.rename it with the package name of the app
  • Copy this folder to Android/Obb folder in internal storage.
  • Done You successfully set up APk & Obb File


Thanks for reading this blog. It can be used better for different purposes. Installing a free app from the Google Play Store is not enough, I wrote this informative article to educate readers on the process of installing an OBB file.

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