Get Square Profile Picture On Twitter

Twitter is a social networking platform that enables users to communicate in 280-character “tweets,” which are brief messages. Tweets from users may contain text, images, video, and connections to other websites. This makes Twitter a fantastic method to remain in touch with friends, family, and coworkers while learning about news and trends around the world.

Twitter is a fantastic place for showcasing your personality and interests, too. On Twitter, however, a circle is used as the default profile picture. You can alter your profile photo to a square one if you want to stand out and make it appear more professional.Twitter new features Get Square Profile Picture On Twitter

Get Square Profile Picture On Twitter

The modification is a component of the recently launched Twitter Blue for Business. You’ll first notice that brands and companies now have square profile pictures rather than round ones. This includes, for instance, Mashable, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter itself.

Additionally, organizations that have joined Twitter Blue for Business now display a gold checkmark. Finally, organizations can now award their linked customers, partners, and brands a miniature badge of their brand’s profile photo, which will appear next to their checkmark.

Get Square Profile Picture On Twitter

You need a business account and Twitter Blue for Business to receive a square profile image on Twitter. You would need to create a new profile to do this, as there is no method to convert a personal account to a business one.

Thankfully, it appears that the verification procedure no longer includes the notability requirement. Only a Twitter Blue subscription is necessary. Your business page will receive a square profile photo, a gold verified badge, and the option to create a company badge within a few days.

Why are some accounts profile pictures square?

By purchasing a Twitter blue subscription, users can now acquire a square profile picture on the social media platform. However, in order to set a profile image in the square, you must have a business account. As you are aware, Elon Musk has launched a Twitter Blue subscription that costs $8 (about Rs 660) each month and offers a number of benefits.

A square profile photo with a Twitter Blue membership is a common feature of Twitter accounts. Twitter is providing companies with square profile images in addition to the new gold verified symbol to distinguish them from their personal accounts. Some accounts have square profile pictures as a result of a monthly membership to Twitter Blue, which offers additional capabilities.


You should now have a square profile picture for your Twitter account after using the advice in this post! A excellent method to individualize your profile and establish your brand on Twitter is by adding a profile photo. You may be sure that your image will stand out clearly on all devices by using a square profile photo. Keep in mind that you may always ask a friend or seek expert aid if you need it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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